Pool Cars

Now that we are nearing the P11D deadline (06 July) it’s important to ensure that the returns of benefits and expenses are accurate and correct. I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some misconceptions surrounding PAYE Benefits in Kind and reimbursed Expenses in a series of blogs. First up are pool cars … Continue reading

Tax Relief for Work Uniforms – Not Fancy-Dressing it Up

I’ve always been partial to dressing up. For those of you with a dirty mind, this is a parenting blog so stop it! The mention of a stick on moustache or novelty wig has always got my party started. Mrs TTF, on the other-hand, would rather stay bare than don a nurse’s uniform (you’ve got me … Continue reading

Reimbursement of Business Petrol – Road Tax

Now that I live next to Timbuktu (where is that anyway?) I need to drive to work. My choice of a gas guzzling sports coupe for transport now seems an impractical choice. But no fear because a colleague has also chosen the good life and we are saving the planet by car sharing. Mrs Duracell … Continue reading