2013 Highlights of Budget – Baby Budgets

I keep seeing adverts on the Internet promising that you can lose weight with one simple rule.  Well I’m going to give you one simple rule to double your turnover.  Just put the word Baby in front of your products. I read somewhere that the cost of raising a child to the age of 21 is … Continue reading

Budgeting for the Beer Fund

Ahead of the budget on 20 March 2013 I thought I would update a story that does the rounds every so often . Hopefully it will get you thinking about the rates of tax and the difficult decisions that need to be made. I would credit the person who originally came up with this story but, as I’m … Continue reading

Should I Trade Through a Company? – Limited Parenting Skills

As a father sometimes I feel limited in my ability to look after the kids.  This could be likened to the fancy dress shop owner in Nuzzle and Scratch when he sends them out for sponge fingers (if you haven’t got kids just role with it).  A bit of a disaster but everything turns out … Continue reading