The New Friday 13th – Direct Sellers Initiative

Since I started this blog I have continually refered to Saffron Walden as sunny but this is now far from the truth. I can confirm it is grim up north and a little scary (well not that scary but we will pretend it is for this post)!

Whilst I was giving Jabo and Baby Jarvis (#1 & #2 sons respectively) a bath we could hear the rain lashing the side of the house. Jabo kept shouting RAIN! whilst BJ decided he would re-enact the weather conditions by throwing as much Matey Bubbles over me as possible. This all mixed in with laughter when a thunder-clap erupted. I thought that children were meant to be scared of this stuff?

It was at this point that the doorbell rang. Mrs TTF was downstairs and consequently opened the door….being a nosey bugger I listened acutely as a conversation ensued.

Being two floors up I could only hear muffled conversation and then the door slammed. With Halloween around the corner my overactive imagination conjured up a lightning filled sky and escaped mental patients wielding knives

I hurriedly removed the children from the bath (a process that took 20 minutes) crept down the stairs in anticipation of a blood spattered hallway. Instead I found another frightening sight……

Mrs TTF was dancing around the kitchen singing to Madonna! When I questioned her on who was at the door she held up some pegs with some excitement. I don’t think I am alone in thinking that pegs are not exciting. I was however educated that these particular hanging devices will not leave marks on clothes when they are used on the washing line. Nope still not excited! A nice lady was door to door selling and due to the rain Mrs TTF felt that she should buy something….ahhh bless.

So my paranoia was unfounded but could HMRC have a bigger fright in store for direct sellers???

The Tax Bit

In a similar initiative to the e-market campaign HMRC are now targeting direct sellers (those who trade without premises). This would include those who demonstrate products in the home, either at a party or from going home to home e.g. Anne Summers or Avon reps.

For those who receive commission in this way and have not declared it to HMRC they have until 28 February 2013 to come clean and pay the outstanding tax. Penalties will be restricted to 10%or lower. Those who do not take up this offer and are found to have unpaid liabilities run the risk of penalties of up to 100% of the tax and criminal investigations.

For those affected the first thing to do is DON’T PANIC! Most cases can be dealt with quickly and easily. You may not even owe tax once your personal allowances and expenses are taken into account.

To come forward you need to complete this form. I would always recommend that you discuss the issues with a qualified tax professional first! Any doubts drop me a comment below and I will try to help.

So don’t forget, for some, 28 February is scarier than Friday 13th!

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