Tax Free Medical and Dental Expenses – Attack of the Killer Baby

At four o’clock this morning I was pleasantly dreaming about Orient lifting the LDV vans trophy (us O’s fans don’t have high ambitions) at Wembley stadium when I was violently awoken. Initially I thought that Mrs TTF may have got a bit fruity after reading fifty shades of grey but it was in fact Baby Jarvis pulling my lips off.


BJ was named after the Orient legend that is Ryan Jarvis. He joined Orient from Norwich and instantly scored a hat-trick against Millwall. We were just getting excited about finding the next Carl Griffiths wheh ,on his fourth shot, he spooned the ball over the bar and in to our laps. After the match we managed to smuggle the ball out of the ground. On hearing it was Jarvis’ first professional hatrick my mate decided to return the ball to him and a presentation on the pitch ensued. Suffice to say the rest of us stayed in the south stand bar but I’m sure it was very emotional. Unfortunately as with most promising players at the Orient he turned out not to live up to his potential but he tried bloody hard and the rare goal he scored were always important. So if Ryan ever self googles and finds this blog; cheers for the memories!


Anyway back to the rabid baby attack. Mrs TTF’s laughter, at my screams of pain, soon turned into cries of dismay as the baby launched himself at her. With the speed of a ninja he had grabbed her glasses and snapped them in two. Now Mrs TTF shares one thing with Stevie Wonder (and it’s not his singing talents) so being without glasses was not an option. She therefore had to dig out some, how can I put it, “Retro” face furniture until she could pop down to specsavers.

Even with the deals that were on offer she had to part with a large wad of cash to update her look, which did not go down well. In fact I believe BJ’s university fund has been reduced accordingly!

But can we use tax to get a cheaper set of bins or other medical requirements for that matter?


If you are an employee then your employer can offer any of the following to you as a tax free benefit. If they are not willing to offer the amounts on top of your salary then consider approaching them about setting up a salary sacrifice scheme.   It will save them money in national insurance so win/win!

  • periodic medical checks or health screenings that take place no more than once a year
  • eye tests required by health and safety legislation for employees who are required to use a computer screen or other VDU
  • glasses or contact lenses that you’re obliged to provide because an eye test required by health and safety legislation shows them to be necessary for VDU work – as long as the glasses or lenses are only used for VDU work
  • medical treatment outside the UK when the need for the treatment arises while the employee is working overseas
    medical treatment or insurance solely related to injuries or diseases that result from the employee’s work

More interestingly for those earning less than £8,500 a year (including all salary, benefits and expenses) they may be able have their medical or dental treatment paid for  tax free. The employer would need to contract directly (very important) with the healthcare provider and the value of the benefit plus wages would need to be below £8,500.  So for the lower paid those dental fees could be a bit cheaper.  Similarly your employer can supply health insurance tax free if you are in this pay bracket. Let me know if you are in this scenario and I will try and guide you through it.

If you are employed at over £8,500 for the year or a director then you will be taxable on any health insurance paid for by your employer.

So some of us can get tax free medical, dental and face funiture. Which is great news as if BJ continues his stealth attacks I may need to start claiming on my health insurance!

Peter Cross

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